| Barbados Crop Over Festival

The Crop Over festival dates as far back as to the late 1700s when it signaled the end of the sugar cane harvest. Fast forward some 300 plus years to Barbados today, and the modern day version of the Crop Over festival, is a highly sought after time of national merriment and revelry. Without a doubt, the Crop Over season is the most passion filled time of the year. It truly is the one and only, most unrivaled, sweetest summer festival! Read more about the festival's history here.

Crop Over Event Reviews

Soca Music Playlist

Music drives the festival when Barbados transforms into the Party City of the Caribbean during summer. The Carnival brings out the best soca music to create an electrifying energy that takes over Barbados. Check out our picks for the best quality soca hits for Crop Over 2018.  



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