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Starting 2019 in total Bliss, on the beach, with ultra-premium food and drinks!

Every year Esquire Entertainment creates a premium All-inclusive Crop Over experience called Bliss that literally woos patrons to our shores. It has become one of the island's most spectacular and highly sought after events of the festival.

Bringing this experience to New Year's Day, "we are heading to the beach", said the team. This decision is sure to create a new ambiance for New Year's raves which is distinctly differently from any other major events on offer.

The team recounted, "we have collaborated with Copa Cartel for this staging and are excited about bringing the event to the new Copacabana beach club. Attendees can expect the premium party experience that Bliss patrons have come to expect and deserve".

Bliss Beach

Reflecting on Bliss: The Summer Edition 2018, and its oh so delectable foods readies the mind to be thrilled. Closing our eyes, the allure of the culinary summer spread flashes back, from the traditional pudding and souse, to sushi, to the seemingly more exotic like 'Chilli con Carne with Mexican rice', or the 'Kingfish Passionfruit Ceviche', and 'Crispy Duck Pancakes'.

We hear the menu will include some of everything; we pin it down to a repeat of Christmas feast without the hassles or countless hours of prep and time spent in the kitchen.

There is no doubt the liquor, beverages, cocktails and innovative concoctions from the bartenders will be second to none. It also fosters a sense of suspense to see what novel ideas will spring to life to create the stunning overall ambiance for the venue for which Bliss has become known, especially under this beach themed concept.

So it is perhaps par for the course, to hear the Bliss pioneers declare, "Our mandate is to provide delicious cuisine, a fantastic bar experience, a solid DJ line-up, beautiful decor and great vibes."

With tickets at USD $125 and available at Copacabana Beach Club and here, the anticipation is at its peak!

All of this in mind, the team from Bliss: Beach wants the world to know that all you need to do is "Bring the vibes, we will do all the rest."

No doubt 2019 is off to a great start with these entertainment thrills!



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