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The sweetest summer festival!  Carnival in Barbados today is a spectacle with colorful costumes, many great events and lots of things to do. Crop Over is a time of merriment, a Carnival which turns Barbados into the Caribbean's best party city during summer. Events Barbados is home to best of the festival. We'll tell you what to do and where to go for the best Crop Over experiences. 



You want to find best events in Barbados. You want to know what's on in Barbados and what are the best things to do . That is why we have compiled this list. We are home to some of Barbados' best events and fetes, parties, raves- or what ever you call having an awesome time. If you are looking to find the best events in Barbados during Crop Over time, the sweetest summer festival, you are definitely in the right place! We are home to the best of the best for the season. Check out our summary below to find out what's on in Barbados during Crop Over and other major hits throughout the year. For Crop Over events, be sure to check out our Crop Over page. 

Barbados Film Festival


The Barbados Independent Film Festival highlights the work of filmmakers, producers and actors from around the world. The Festival provides a platform for independent films that embrace the power of storytelling to inform, inspire and entertain.


January- May

Barbados' tropical atmosphere, the lush surroundings, sumptuous food and calming and serene mood set a perfect tone for polo. That's why the polo season is so much looked forward to by enthusiasts.

Holder's Season


Holder's Season brings a premier cultural arts exposition to the historic Holders house dating from the 17th century and set back across 5 acres of land. The season comprises various genres of cultural entertainment including comedy, theater, jazz and classical music.

Oistins Fish Festival


Oistins Fish Festival occurs around Easter and is a great time to gather and celebrate with friends and family.

Dive Fest Barbados


Dive fest brings together maritime enthusiasts to celebrate and explore Barbados' marine environment. Barbados boasts a vibrant marine life with colorful coral and an array of tropical sea-life and the dive fest event focuses on showcasing these experiences.



NIFCA is a celebration of the Barbadian creative arts industry and showcases true Barbadian artistic talent in its finest form.

Barbados Sailing Week


For one exhilarating week, the best of the best compete to test and outperform fellow sailors all in a quest to gain the highly coveted prize. The Barbados Sailing Week is a great experience whether taking part of simply as a spectacle.

Holetown Festival


The Holetown festival commemorates the arrival of the first settlers who landed at the then titled Jamestown. It includes various cultural events including concerts and theatrical performances.

Barbados Reggae Festival


The Barbados reggae festival comprises four primary high quality events which brings reggae lovers to the shores of Barbados annually.



Top local, regional and international artiste headline this festival with its international allure as a Christian music and arts festival promoting the life changing impact of the Holy Spirit in all persons

Crop Over

July - August

Crop Over is perhaps the most festive time on the Barbadian calendar of events. The many private and public parties, cultural exposes and exhibitions culminate in a big street parade on Kadooment Day where masqueraders "jump" with their favorite costumed bands, "wuk up and wine" to the sweetest sounds of the festival.

Run Barbados


Do you have the stamina to cop this prized Champion title ? If you think you can manage, be sure to register, if not, Run Barbados is always a good and healthy outing with friends and family.

Barbados Jazz Festival


This is where the sweet sounds of Jazz permeate the air and truly lift you up!

Sandy Lane Gold Cup


One of the most prestigious racing events across the Caribbean, talented Jockeys ride with precision timing competing for the prized Sandy Lane Gold Cup which was traditionally flown into Barbaods on the supersonic Concord jet.

Vujuday Music Festival


Vujaday Music Festival is a thoughtfully curated selection of musical and cultural experiences that invites you to explore lush landscapes, dance on flawless palm-covered beaches and soak in translucent azure waters under a golden island sun. Ignite your sense of adventure.

Sol Rally Barbados


Sol Rally Barbados brings out lots of Bajans and visitors alike to for its thrilling and nail biting finishes.

Barbados Food and Rum Festival


The food and rum festival is a celebration of Barbados' prized privilege as the culinary capital of the Caribbean with its mouthwatering delights and boasts proudly to the world that Barbados is the home of Rum.

New Year's Eve


Celebrating New Year's Eve in Barbados, traditionally known as Old Year's Night is as big and splendid an affair as anywhere else in the world.

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