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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an event?

​We consider an event to be a planned social occasion which:

  1. is open to the general public whether for free, by prior booking or general gate/door admissions;

  2. is temporary and of a limited duration with a defined start and end date;

  3. does not constitute a year-round, regularly offered product/ service;

  4. is spectator based;

  5. is of high quality;

  6. with superior experiences, and

  7. well organised to ensure safe, secure and hospitable environments for patrons.


Can you give me some examples of some events?


  • A sporting occasion like a football, hockey or cricket match

  • A concert

  • Exhibitions/ Art Gallery Exhibitions

  • Non-recurring walking tours

  • A Fete

  • Charity Walk/ Fundraising concert

  • Conferences like State of the Tourism Industry Conference and T.E.D

  • Crop Over

Not events

  • Sales

  • Product/ Service specials

  • Regular Product/ service offerings

  • Private parties

Can I upload photos and video to my event ?

Images and video content are encouraged and can be uploaded via the submission form, please contact us via email at with any additional images and video links you wish to have uploaded and we will review the content and include it in the event providing its meets our submission criteria.

How far in advance must I submit my event ?

While there is no absolute deadline for using the information you supply we do not guarantee to list events that reach us at short notice (i.e. less than a week ahead of the event). Therefore, we recommend submitting your listings as far in advance as possible of the event date, as more people will see your event.

Is my event guaranteed to be listed after I submit ?

All information submitted is reviewed by Events Barbados’ research team for relevance and appropriateness. Please note that we do not guarantee your listing will be published in the Events Calendar as submissions which do not meet our criteria may be rejected.

If you have any questions which were not addressed above, please feel free to contact us at or  by clicking the following link: click here

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