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Ready for Crop Over Festival 2019? Crop Over 2018 was epic!

Crop Over 2018 was memorable in more ways than one. There were lots of things to do because of the multiple events. From the cruises to the cooler parties and all-inclusive events. The food was awesome, people were dressed in their finest attire, and the experience was second to none. We spent the day on the road for Crop Over 2018 with Xhosa Barbados and by all accounts everyone enjoyed. Masqueraders “jumped" with many bands wearing vibrant and decorative costumes laden with bright feathers and rhinestones and captivating with sensual Caribbean dances.

We've compiled some pics from the festival but be sure to check out the gallery for the full albums and stay tuned for our e-magazine coming soon as we get ready to hit the road again for the Crop Over Festival 2019.

Jumping with Xhosa Barbados for Crop Over 2018
Xhosa Barbados

Food at Bliss 2018
Mouthwatering dishes for Crop Over

Limerz Cruise 2018
You will never have this much fun anywhere else


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