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The Rum Punch Recipe

1 of Flower - 2 of Sweet - 3 of the road belong to she!

Welcome to the ultimate gateway to true Crop Over splendor. More than a costume,  Rum Punch is an experience.  Glistening and overflowing with glamour, in 2024, this  costume accentuates and commands admiration. 

Why Rum Punch

Unrivaled and durable craftsmanship: Each 'Rum Punch' is a masterpiece of meticulous design, boasting hand-placed gems and feathers that shimmer with your every move. Craftsmanship that speaks of quality. 

Stand Out in Style: An ode to the iconic Bajan rum punch. No one refuses the feeling that a well-blended Rum brings. 

Comfort Meets Couture: Engineered for elegance and endurance, 'Rum Punch' is constructed to ensure you can revel in comfort without compromising on style.

Picture-Perfect Moments: 'Rum Punch' is not just a costume; this is what you need for capturing those picture-perfect moments.  

Picture yourself 

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