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Ringing in 2019 with First Light- Fantastic Cooler Party with Great Vibes!

We just got some insight from the Limerz cruise team about the upcoming New Year's Eve event and the secret is staying tucked in tightly. But Limerz cruise- well known for events with a pulsating and extraordinarily contagious energetic vibe is promising the same thing for First Light as it welcomes 2019.

Asked about what patrons can look forward to at the event, the response was a "Fantastic Cooler Party with great vibes". The event will feature a " Great location, easily accessible bars, great DJ line up along with Lil Rick."

The promoters want to ensure that everyone coming to the event has an enjoyable and hassle free time and reduce any inconvenience to the local community. Patrons are therefore encouraged to follow directions, avoid blocking the venue and to utilize the adequate parking spaces provided.

In the words of the Limerz team, "Other than that come out to have a great time!"

If ever you needed to be convinced of the quality of this event, you can catch scenes from the recap video:

As you get ready for First Light 2019, a little flashback to 2018 is all that's needed to get you prepared for what lays ahead.

Photocredits: Limerzcruise | Andrew Browne

Ticket Outlets

- Eye Focus Inc., Lanterns Mall - Origins, Limegrove - Attitude Boutique, Dome Mall - All Wine World Locations - Committee Members - Aeon Bar & Grill, Sheraton Mall -

First Light 2019



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