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Elevate is pulling out all the stops for New Year's Eve!

When the Elevate events team says they are pulling out all the stops, it piques your interest. You lean forward just a bit more to make sure you cover every aspect of the conversation. Such a bold declaration for New Year's Eve carries gravitas but coming from the masterminds of the Suit and Tie experience, only the best is expected.

Elevate 2017 was truly memorable. A Ball drop and all!

Co-owner of the brand Ramon Jordan says "patrons can look forward to elevate pulling out all the stops, ensuring that we deliver a high quality event, while paying attention to detail and patron experience that hopefully exceeds customer expectation as that is always the true benchmark of our success."

With this level of commitment to quality, it's no surprise the brand continues to go from strength to strength. When it comes to New Year's Eve premium experiences, promoters have the added task of making sure they take every effort to help patrons have a great time setting a memorable tone for their year ahead.

Jordan says Elevate will do this "by fostering a customer centric environment where our patrons can experience some of the island's best entertainment, unlimited access to some of the best spirits available, providing services like the shoe check for ladies and the coat check for gentlemen, all at an affordable price as we understand how difficult things can be with the ever changing economic climate.

Tickets for the premium event are USD $100.00 (females) and USD $ 110 (Males) and can be bought at the box offices or online here.

Suit and Tie New Year's Eve 2017 left patrons with a lot of memories as the ball descended to signal the start of 2018 and everyone began the countdown in unison. More from Suit and Tie can be found in our gallery

Suit and Tie 2018 promises to be even better, returning to an open air venue bedecked with elegant decor and an atmosphere befitting- for the sophisticated chic outfits and the resources, time and effort patrons are sure to put in for their showing at the Bellevue Polo Estate this New Year's Eve.

The team also recognizes the important role its patrons and other stakeholders play in the event's success noting,"as Elevate continues to be a staple on New Year’s Eve despite the obvious challenges in a trying economic climate, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal patrons and sponsors, who with their unwavering support, continue to see Elevate Suit and Tie executed at the level it is."



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