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The Songbirds are rising with Vida by Esquire- VXE!


They are irresistible with their ethereal beauty and graceful movements.

With their vibrant shades of feathered blues they radiate streaks of light playfully bouncing atop their precious gemstones.  The Songbirds are rising with Vida by Esquire VXE! Join VXE for a remarkable expression of beauty, pageantry and revelry for Crop Over 2023.


 VXE- bringing the spirit of the artform that is Crop Over to life! Your kindred spirits await.

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More information and costume registration available at:


VXE Launches under theme- Kindred spirits

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VXE launches as a celebration of unity under the theme kindred spirits paying homage to the regional uniqueness and commonalities that are revealed through the spirit of Caribbean Carnival.

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