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Lush Recap

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Crop Over 2018

Held on the grounds of the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, the ambiance at Lush was already highly animated by the time the crowd began to build once the sun lit sky began to give way to the starry moon lit night. Though a cooler event, admittance through the security checkpoint was steady having arrived around dusk. On the inside, Lush transformed the once sterile carpark area into a canvas of colour accentuating the flora, fauna and building with hues of landscape lighting. Lush has been long regarded for its focus on creating memorable vistas at its chosen venues and Lush 2018 showed no departure from this norm.

Lush, Crop Over Festival 2018
Lush 2018

This all helps to explain why Vanessa said, “this is by far my best fete and experience in BIM this year. Vibes from start to finish. Truly enjoyed LUSH!!! Thanks for the vibes.”

Read more in our 2018 Crop Over Magazine . Check out our gallery for full event albums for Lush 2018 and other Crop Over 2018 events.


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