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Lifted Recap

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Crop Over 2018

Having arrived at Lifted after the party was well underway getting into Bush Park was uneventful. Parking was conveniently available on the vast pasture adjacent to the venue with guides available to direct and ensure vehicles were safely guarded. When inside, a number of distinct features immediately stand out. Firstly, the title “Lifted” is to be no misnomer, what ever could be suspended was suspended. The speakers hung from cranes, but most captivating was the trailer hoisted along the perimeter with a live band mounted on top. Their sweet sounds of drums and steel pan filled the air in between sets to ensure the vibe of the crowd never dipped below certain levels.

Lifted, Crop Over Festival 2018
Lifted 2018

Under the theme “levels”, this was equally fitting because as the night continued to progress Lifted just became more memorable with each passing hour. Lifted was slated to be headlined by Bunji Garlin which alone would be enough to rouse a crowd. But with its price point, the thought of a drinks inclusive cooler event set a level that was difficult for many other events to match. Then in a spectacular show of kicking it up another notch, the event also hosted an exclusive package offer with a bottle of Remy Martin and Luc Belaire respectively for US $50.00.

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