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Ruk-a-tuk Recap

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Crop Over 2018

Rukatuk is one of the most unique experiences available on island during the Crop Over season. This year, the team augmented the cruise by introducing a breakfast lounge experience prior to the start. From early morning patrons began to trickle into Copacabana and were greeted upon arrival to cups, and shades and the casual Rukatuk wristband accessory. A daytime event slated for aboard the Harbour Master Cruise vessel, Rukatuk branded snapback hats were also on sale at USD $10.00. Their affordable and appealing designs coupled with the burn of the typical Caribbean sunshine made them crowd favorites.

Ruk-a-tuk, Crop Over Festival 2018
Ruk-a-tuk 2018

Make no mistake, the cruise was generally quite energetic with people enjoying themselves throughout. Turning towards the DJ booth to see what Patrick was doing that fuelled the crowd with such zest, our eyes instead met him in the middle of the crowd with what seemed to be almost everybody on board jumping left, left, left to the edge and then right.

Read more in our 2018 Crop Over Magazine . Check out our gallery for full event albums for Ruk-a-tuk 2018 and other Crop Over 2018 events.


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