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We Dont Pose We Party Recap

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Crop Over 2018

Arriving a bit late to the party, (as most Bajans tend to do), the feint sounds of sweet soca music were reverberating throughout the air on approach to Sugarland Gardens. Admission was hassle free and we were in the venue in no time. “We don’t pose, we party”, a interesting name for an event indeed but venturing beyond the security and admissions you cross a small bridge over a miniature landscaping pond and the energy of the crowd just entices you.

Nikita at Xhosa's We Dont Pose We Party, Crop Over 2018
Nikita at Xhosa's We Dont Pose We Party, Crop Over 2018

It is then no wondering why its called “We don’t pose we party”. The inside is a lush garden, illuminated with ambient blue, green, amber and pink hues, and the crowd’s dancing motion creates a wave as they sway from side to side, and dip and rise- it makes you want to keep to the rhythm of the beat.

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