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UV Recap

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Crop Over 2018

“From ah reach inside the session, ah [see nuff colour bout dey”. Under the theme Ohana, UV Vibe 2018 was memorable in more ways than one. The concept of Ohana is a part of traditional Hawaiian culture meaning family. Supplemented with leis (flower necklace), coconut drinks from the husk with umbrellas and a venue laden with so much colour it just fostered an immense sense of serenity and internal cheer from entry. Patrons themselves bedecked in an array of floral outfits also helped to embolden even further the theme of the event.

UV Vibe, Crop Over Festival 2018
UV Vibe 2018

In between the energy infused live performances, the atmosphere became heavy with the sounds of drums and percussion instruments. Over the sounds of the MC as he managed the smooth running of the show, the ‘Tuk tuk tuh tuk tuk’ of the band made it much more difficult to stand 'stush' as they would say.

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